What’s a Filter?

Nowadays, people are talking more and more about Netflix and what is coming available to the Netflix selection. However Netflix is completely different from television in so many ways. For example, viewers pay separately from their regular cable for Netflix so therefore they can choose what they watch on Netflix. Films and series that are available on Netflix are uncensored and in their bare form. Curse words, nudity, racial controversy, and sexuality are not off limits. Although anything that is on TV must be censored, showing that Netflix is independent in this sense.
Also, Netflix is now coming out with series that are only available on Netflix so if someone does not own a Netflix account and only watches shows on TV then they will be unable to view the series. One series that has obtained a quick fan following on Netflix is Orange is the New Black. When turning on the episode “Lesbian Request Denied”, it is made obvious as to why this series is a Netflix based series. Within the first few sentences, the F word is dropped a few times and right away in the first scene it shows a man becoming a woman. This continues to go throughout the episode as the man struggles in jail throughout his transformation. Also, racial separation is addressed in the jail and lesbian couples are discussed. These are considered topics that somewhat cross the line and could be considered “inappropriate” for everyday television. So, Kohan can put whatever she wishes into her series on Netflix without filter.
This is a perfect example as to why a writer may want to put a series on Netflix instead of television because they can go about their vision exactly how they want to. Also, this shows how Netflix series are independent. Shows on television have their filters on and must go through screenings before placed on the air, unlike Netflix.


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