Legitimate Texts & Esotericism

     Independent work has always provided a proper balance in Hollywood. The viewers experience of one may be significantly different then the other. In this sense, one of the far side extremes on the spectrum of independent & hollywood may be relatively identified as higher quality or more legitimate. For indie production, legitimacy is often associated to the concept simply because of the lack of accessibility. Our culture then acts as a major indirect influence on our art forms and what we deem to be historically legitimate. Constantly shifting perspectives have led us to evaluate and define our high brow and low brow texts as being more or less legitimate in this sense. 

     Independent models of television have been perceived as more legitimate because of aesthetic value, structural narratives, and attention grabbing social content.  Together these package and exhibit the overall controversial topic or theme that an individual show is often built around. From this standpoint we can see how a show that stimulates a demographic to objectively think over social issues may generate associated value and legitimacy. The representation of these issues in a non-radical fashion without a doubt adds to the legitimacy of a specific text because of the lack of bias. To purely provide information and freedom to interpret will almost always be seen as high art. It should be noted then that independent films may not be exactly seen as unaccessible. However, only the recent online platforms have truly provided an easier way to access these productions. That being said, to only have a few independent films available for a subscription company such as Netflix or Hulu would still prove to leave Independent film as rather unaccessible. Old documentaries in my mind contain great value and legitimacy, but are seemingly only possible for me to find on Netflix. The themes these documentaries encapsulated have washed away along with our previous cultural perspectives. 


2 thoughts on “Legitimate Texts & Esotericism

  1. Great post Taylor! I agree with your point that a text is considered high art when the work is interpreted freely and that independent work typically has this quality. Do you think that a nonindependent show has the same potential to reach a level of high art that independent work is often associated with? With the release of Netflix or Hulu making things more accessible to the masses, does it bring a show to a more middlebrow part of the taste culture hierarchy or does the show maintain its high brow status? Networks like HBO do not have their popular content available on Netflix, this seems to make these shows deliberately less accessible to the public therefore putting these shows at a higher brow range. Do you think networks do this in order to maintain exclusivity and hype around their shows?

  2. I think in a sense yes, putting these texts on online platforms such as Netflix make a case for these to be more or less mid-brow. I think keeping your production off of Netflix may in some way add to the overall “quality”, simply because when something is less accessible, it is often desired more.

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