Indie accessible?

There are certain aspects that we as individuals tend to always place with independence. Quality is something that is associated with indie films all the time. Hollywood films are always top of the line lighting and film equipment. However, indie films are more original and natural looking. They tend to have a less greater of a quality than Hollywood films so they are more believable and relatable to the audience. Therefore, indie films are somewhat more artistic and more of an art form than Hollywood films.

Indie films are definitely associated with legitimacy because they are less accessible to viewers seeking the films. Indie move theaters are not as accessible as a Cinemark airing the top new releases. One must do research to find the closest indie film theater to them. Also, some movie stores, such as Blockbuster and Redbox, do not sell independent films. Therefore someone has to order them online typically or find them from a friend.

Independent films though are slowly becoming more and more legitimate with the popularity that they have been overcoming and also the desire for them from viewers. These films are becoming available on Netflix now and so this is one way viewers are now able to watch new films as they come out. For example, some movies that we have watched in class are now readily available on Netflix and I am sure more are to come!


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