Space for Alternative Perspectives

Geoff King argues that American independent cinema creates opportunities for the exhibition of social, political, and ideological perspectives. Independent cinema serves as a tool for the expression of alternative and unconventionally packaged topics or subjects of modern interest. Take for example Buffalo 66. At some point in the film I seemed to find myself actually having this twisted mindset of subconsciously rooting for the protagonist, despite his questionable decisions and life choices. Independent films have a strange way of making a film almost participatory by bending the viewers gaze and thus becoming more attached to the movie, or in this case more specifically the characters. These “formal departures from mainstream” cinema have introduced an alternative way of interpreting our understanding of content and in turn have “created space” for various perspectives to surface among different demographics.


    So does this mean that independent cinema aims to offend people by bringing to light biased perspectives on social and political issues? I would argue that indie cinema doesn’t approach these concepts in such a biased way, rather it is actually somewhat open to interpretation by lacking in political and social stance. King would argue that in this way independent films are not entirely radical despite their unconventional implications. In my opinion, the fact that independent cinema is neither horse-blinded by mainstream conventions or radically biased infers that it is quite possibly one of the best ways in which media can properly address and analyze alternative social and political issues within our society. Rather than expressing slanted viewpoints towards a particular demographic, Independent film gives insight and alternative approaches for the viewer in order to express ideological, social, and political perspectives.


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