Not the Ordinary

            Independent films give the writers and director much more flexibility when it comes to the film itself. The crew definitely has more room to add to their films as they wish without thinking of the audience like a Hollywood film crew would do per say. King states, “Independent features have in many cases been able to avoid the kind of ideologically loaded imaginary reconciliations used in Hollywood features to smooth away any awkward social or political issues that might initially be confronted” (pg 199). Unlike a Hollywood film, independent films will push that boundary. They will discuss those topics that Hollywood producers may be afraid to address or add to their big time movies. This is why indie films are perfect for producing movies about political or social issues, because they will get the point across without caring if they step on peoples toes or not. “Independent filmmakers are sometimes caught between seeking to cater to the tastes of audience groups defined on social-cultural lines and those defined as likely to frequent more marginal alternative/art-house productions”( pg 200). These filmmakers want to address issues but still keep their creativity at the same time. So by doing this they typically in indie films do not exaggerate topics and keep things bare to keep the seriousness. For example, in Elephant, the film that addressed the Columbine shooting was a very “bare” film and did not add anything exciting or any serious storyline. The viewer was not too connected to the characters and the film kept the serious tone throughout the entire film.

            On the topic of rather or not indie films are radical, I would say that they are. Indie films are sometimes something that is new to viewers and something that they have never seen before. I will admit that those indie films that I have seen are very different from those I see going to the movie theater. Every time I walk out of an indie film I always use the words “different” or “unique” to describe a film. I really admire indie directors because they step outside the box.


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