Its in the Name

I feel that Indie has one major reason behind why it is able to address social issues that major Hollywood films try to avoid confronting or attempt to smooth out. Its all in the name “Indie”, it stand for independent and that means it was produced and financed by a small number of people who believe in what they are producing. Where as Hollywood is more focused on its profits and try to create something the majority of people enjoy, I feel that independent films serve as a medium for directors to produce a their vision and show you what they think is important politically and socially. I also cant help but notice that these indie films are rewarded when they address these more sensitive issues and as King points out they have started to use this as a marketing ploy.


When King states that indie films are not radical he is addressing the fact that indie films has a responsibility to appeal to an audience. Not just because they would like to profit from their film but if they want to show people their film and have them see the issues that are important to them they have to make people want to go see them. It is because of this that King says these films have to make compromises in order to reach this audience. On this point i would have to agree with him, it is apparent that their are more extreme ways you could present the sexual relations in sex lies and videotape. But at the end of the day they need their moves to appeal to more people than that of a small niche group and the handful of art house movie goers. That is why I also feel that even though indie movies tend to push the boundaries on issues, they respect the need to keep within certain restrictions in order to reach audiences.


One thought on “Its in the Name

  1. I love how you word the fact that Hollywood films do not deal with confrontation but indie films let the directors use their visions of the events. The reading really reflects on that statement and how Hollywood directors look at a movie differently than indie directors. However my only question is wouldn’t indie directors somewhat look into what their audience would want to see? I mean they want to make money too just like Hollywood directors.

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