Festivals don’t always bring success

   When deciding on what films should be screened at a certain festival, the committee of that festival gets together and choose films that may have an impact on the audience that await the list of films. The way it chooses the certain films, for example what “indie” films it should screen that year, is by already having an interpretation of what the word “indie” means to them. With that in mind they are the ones that put a certain label to the “indie” films that will be screened that year. Having been chosen by the committee to participate in the festival is a great honor, since it may open doors to indie directors or newly found actors. It may also start a movement or inspire other people to support them. This in turn shows how Newman’s comment on how film festival committees choose what is considered “exemplary” that year. Saying that the committee has a lot of power. 

    We can see that power in the two film festival examples, the 2012 SXSW film festival and the 2012 Sundance film festival. Showing that by participating in theses two festivals brings some success, but it may also bring misfortune. It also shows how sometimes movies that may be good looking may not always succeed. 

   In the 2012 SXSW film festival two movies “ The Tall Man” and “Girls against Boys” showed to have been successful by getting distribution deals. Yet it did not do very well in the box office. SInce “The tall man” was only able to get 5.2M after having a budget of 18.2M. and “Girls against Boys” ended up getting only 7.5K in the box office. Showing that not always being at a festival bring success to the movie. Even though both movies had known artist playing the main role. 

   As for the 2012 Sundance film festival two movies that stuck out for me were “Safety not guaranteed” and “The invisible war”. Both were low budget, but had a different impact. “Safety not Guaranteed” premiered in the film festival and won the ‘Waldo Salt Screenwriting Award’ and also ended up grossing more than 4 million dollars after having been made with a 7.5K budget. It showed that even though it was very low budget, it ended up gaining great success. As for “The Invisible War”, the movie won the ‘Audience Award’. Having been screened at the festival it was able to influence the Department of Defense, two days after its screening, creating a plan on how to help the sexually assaulted survivors. 



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