Bridesmaids Analysis



Based on the writing of Murphy, I think it is safe to assume that this movie can be classified as a Hollywood movie.  The points that I will focus on to explain this are three part structure of the movie and the motivation of the main character.

The first part of the movie is where the characters are introduced.  Here we get to meet Annie Walker and the rest of the characters.  Though there are several characters that contribute to the humor of the movie, the characters that I will focus on for the development of the story are Annie and Helen.  Part one really fleshes out the character of Annie, but as soon as we meet Helen then part two begins.

Part two is where the movie starts to brew.  For Bridesmaids, I will call this the contest section.  As soon as we meet Helen the first contest begins, the toasting.  Annie and Helen are immediately against one another.  The contests continue with tennis, the catering decisions, picking out the dresses, and a plane ride to the location of the bridal shower.  Fueled by her motivation (which will be covered later) to be the best maid of honor that she can be, Annie ends up upsetting the bride and is replaced as maid of honor by Helen.  This slows the pace of the movie and gives us a little more time to get to know Annie’s character.  This rest is short lived because Annie busts into the bridal shower and causes a scene which brings about the actual climax of the movie, the bride disappears.

Part three is the reconciliation of Annie and Helen to find the bride.  The is the part of the movie where we get all of the resolution and the movie ends.

When we meet Annie and as we get to know her throughout part one we get an idea of her motivation for the whole movie.  She is in a bad spot in her life.  Some say she has hit rock bottom.  Annie sees the opportunity of being the maid of honor as a redeeming chance.  If she can pull this off, then she is not a complete failure.  This type of motivation for the main character and the structure of the parts lead me to believe that this movie is very Hollywood.


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