Game Time

Trying to figure out what can be called indie and can’t is a hard thing to do because of the blurred lines between Hollywood and Independent.  However the view strategies Newman discussed can help un-blur those lines. The strategy that I think helps the most is ‘form as a game.’ The form or structure of a typical Hollywood movie is normally a three-act structure that is very clear to follow and doesn’t puzzle or confuse the audience.

Playing with the form of a movie is, according to Newman, a good factor in deciding if a film is indie or not. I agree with him. Hollywood wouldn’t want to confuse its audience because then they would lose a lot of their viewers. Therefore, one can easily decipher an indie film by looking at its form. If the form is different than the norm, more often than not, it’s indie.

After watching Buffalo ’66, the viewing strategy became clear. It’s form was definitely not typical. The transitions were sharp and the narrative seemed to be lacking the typical three act structure. This movie screamed indie to me.  The form of this movie seemed to be all over the place. I loved how the flash backs helped move the story forward and without them the story wouldn’t go anywhere. It felt as if the flashbacks could actually be the beginning of the movie but instead they are used in certain parts to give context.

This idea or viewing strategy does not work for every indie film but the other strategies, anti-Hollywood and characters as emblems, along with this one help categorize the majority of indie cinema. They make it easier to figure out what is indie aside from actually looking up the film in Imdb.


One thought on “Game Time

  1. I totally agree with you if the flashbacks were not in the movie we would all have been puzzled form the very beginning. I also think that the way in which the flashbacks are set helps the movie go at a good pace because if they were to give us all the information about Billie in the the beginning we wouldn’t question many things and we also wouldn’t be feeling what maybe Layla feels. I mean for me it felt as if I was in Layla’s shoes and was discovering Billie by the different situations that they were in. Going back with the flashbacks it also made us see that Billie was not a jerk but a human that had a not so great childhood/life.

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