From what i read in the Schamus & Wyatt both VOD and home videos essential attempted to provide the same utility of getting films in the hands of cult fans that follow the genre they fall into. This allowed many indie films to flourish at the time and were very successful doing so. I feel the major problem that was shown in the home video model was they were spread too thin trying to produce and distribute more films than they were capable of doing so at the time. The major difference between home video and VOD is the massive cost reduction of distribution. With VOD having access to streaming and monthly charges to internet accounts, they are able to more efficiently make profit.

After reading the web article I feel that VOD provides more positives for independent film makers than negatives. Given their low production cost and inability to compete with the big title blockbusters VOD provides a medium for which they can cover their cost and occasionally thrive. It also provides the opportunity for them to reach an audience that may normally over look the film in theater. As for the issue of overcrowding, the internet has also provided the solution to that with a simple search engine that allows you to filter out the movies you know you aren’t interested in, where as searching the endless rows of VHS tapes it was easy to feel overwhelmed by the numbers.


2 thoughts on “VOD FTW

  1. From personal experience, I would agree that with Video on Demand does bring more exposure and levels the playing field for Indie movies to thrive. I’ve never been into Indie culture and now it is just a click away using Netflix to find a movie and not feel overwhelmed by the numbers. The internet has been the greatest innovation to gather and share information to the masses. With the ability to stream and download content at the ease of the click of a mouse, the nature of people now is to have everything they want fast and convenient. I would know, I have gotten every penny out of my Netflix account of $8 a month. However, there are a large number of Indie films out there and, in a sense, abusing the ability to get livestream. It almost takes the essence and rawness of Indie culture and comes off unappealing to audiences giving off the wrong impression of what Indie truly is and how far it has come. In todays age, you can usually filter out what you are looking for, taking away some of the overwhelmingness. The more popular films that thrive are the ones who have a cult following and have that niche with certain groups. To others, it may depend on the a great cast and values given. Overall, I would say that VOD definitely does promote more help to Indie than hurt. The ultimate goal from producing a film is to make profit….and make it as quickly as possible(not in all cases). Theaters are becoming more obsolete now because of VODs and piracy. To survive and continue to grow and gain popularity, VODs for Indie films are the new trend. I would say it has been successful thus far.

    • From your statements about the low costs of production for VODs it does sound like that is a more positive thing. With the lower costs the companies have more money to work with and add extra spark to their films. They also, like you stated, can make a bigger profit in the end because they did not put as much into the making of the production. I found your discussion very interesting and true about VODs compared to home video distribution.

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