Update on Miramax

Miramax Films is no longer an independent film company, however they are still an active company in the film industry. They are though to this day still producing successful films that are recognizable. Before the publication of this text, Miramax Films was bought by Disney in 1993, however was sold in 2010. Following the release from Disney, Miramax came out with many sequels to their films which were successful hits. They have also signed contracts with other companies allowing them to come out with their films in Canada, Latin America, and Italy.

Even though Miramax is still an independent film company, it is not as obvious as it may have been in the past. Miramax also does not work independently. They have produced some films that are more known and popular which isn’t as common for indie film companies. Also, one thing that makes Miramax different from other companies is that they have such an array of movies that they create. They have family films such as Gnomeo and Juliet and then also Pulp Fiction which created an image “of the film being full of action, comedy and sex” (Wyatt).

Miramax to me is a great example of how for example, companies change over time to mold to new audiences and new viewers. They have continued to keep people watching their films and come up with new ideas. Also, by expanding their films to more appropriate and family oriented films they are able to draw in groups of people. Just like celebrities change their character and appearances from time to time, Miramax has changed their reputation a bit as well. Also coming from doing films alone to now working with other companies makes them more recognizable and gets help putting their name out there. This was a very smart move for the company.



One thought on “Update on Miramax

  1. I find it really interesting that Miramax made it’s transition to Disney and is no longer an independent film company. I wonder did that happen under Disney’s umbrella or did they decide that change and step out on their own as a big dog studio company?

    Another thing that I find interesting is how they have changed in their choice of films, straying from Pulp Fiction to Gnomeo and Juliet? Doesn’t that make them more commercial, or at least catering more to video and cable outlets or is it because Miramax learned from it’s Priest incident? I also wonder, as it acted as an independent, did they expect to remain independent when they signed on with Disney or did they forsee themselves changing into a studio production company?

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