It’s a Hit or Miss until Money Comes into Play

To get dressed, grab some popcorn, and catch the latest movie, or to remain comfortably unbathed eating chinese takeout at home with your TV…  The ultimate movie consumer question.  But what if you could combine the two?  This is where VOD comes into play.  It’s convenient, its cheaper than a movie ticket, and it gives viewers the satisfaction of being one of the first to see a new movie in the comfort of their own home.  Sounds like a dream come true right?  But just as video and the cable boom initially increased demands for movies, this too, will putter out in a way.  Let’s face it, when the honeymoon period of VOD fades, film companies will have to go back to catering to viewers wants and needs, which goes beyond the excited butterflies-in-stomach feeling that new tech like this can create.

Yet as time goes on, the success of VOD lies not in box office numbers per se, but in how well a movie is publicized and reviewed by critics. Your movie is either a hit or miss, if its not successful at the box office, it won’t be successful in VOD, the only saving grace for your movie is that while simultaneously debuting your film on VOD and in theaters, VOD can act as its own box office, with the perk that its at cheaper costs for producers.  The cheaper costs give the little guys of independent a chance, but when the big guns like Disney step in, that’ll be the time for independent films to consider yet another alternative for sharing their films with viewers.

In an article I found on GigaOm, it looks like the big dogs are stepping in sooner than we know it, and they are going to raise the costs for VOD, debuting the Premium VOD at a cost of $20-$30 compared to the $5 traditional VOD, making it another battleground for independent film companies to fail because they can’t keep up with the costs.

And on that note, I leave with Bills, Bills, Bills by Destiny’s Child:

I almost imagine this is the attitude producers feel when it comes to taking their independent films to film festivals.


2 thoughts on “It’s a Hit or Miss until Money Comes into Play

  1. Great post! I like your whole concept of strictly hit or miss. “if its not successful at the box office, it won’t be successful in VOD” sums up a lot of the themes that I read through. I think it would be interesting to take a look at the most successful indie productions for VOD.

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