Something New From The Folks At Games Foundry


Earlier this Summer I had some money burning a hole in my pocket and I just wanted to buy a video game.  I browsed the Steam Marketplace and discovered this cute looking little game with the genre tag of “Indie” and thought I would give it a shot.  I though that the $20 price tag might be a little steep for something I knew nothing about, but I jumped in anyway.  It was not until after I played the total two hours of content that this game offered before I figured out that I had purchased a game that was still in development.

The game is called Folk Tale and it is being brought to us by the people at Games Foundry.  Games Foundry is an independent video game developer that is also publishing their game themselves. 

The strategy that they are using to finance their project is to sell copies of the game as it is and the people that jump on this will get all of the updates for free as soon as they become available.  This is something that is becoming increasingly common among indie developers for PC games.  There are a number of benefits they see to doing this.

  1. Money – Earning this money keeps the game in development.
  2. Free Testers – People that buy and play this will run into bugs and other problems that the game has and they are expected to report these problems to the developer.
  3. Involvement with the Community – When you make a game, you want people to like playing it.  By working so closely with the community, the developers are ensuring that they are making a game that the people want.

Some people like to think of this kind of pre-purchase as an investment.  Others like to call it a gamble.  Whatever your ideas are about the development process, you should still check this one out.



2 thoughts on “Something New From The Folks At Games Foundry

  1. Correct, Erin. I was surprised, but I really enjoy this style of development. I think it is great that I am able to support financially as well as give feedback to the developers. I think that this approach will make for a better game.

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