Not so Obvious

I have never been the type of person that seeks out indie films, music, or television shows. I usually am attracted to what is popular at the time and what is brought to my attention from friends and family. However, my favorite indie film of all time is Black Swan. I had no idea previously to seeing the movie that it was independent. After seeing the film it really made me appreciate the creativity of an indie film. I felt like it had such deep meaning and had the viewer thinking and pondering in their thoughts.

There was something so artistic about the directing of Black Swan and all of the sequence of events that were occurring on the screen. When looking more into the Black Swan on IMDb, it lists all of the famous actors and actresses that were in the indie film. Even though most indie films do not have such known celebrities in them, I think that is one thing that brought my attention to the film. For instance Natalie Portman is one of my favorite actresses and this film really gave her a new appreciation to me.

This goes to show that not all films are as obviously indie as you would think. People always assume that indie films are typically “underground” or known by word of mouth, however you may have seen more than you thought. Had I not of looked up this film on IMDb I would have never known it was indie.

If anyone is not familiar with the film here is a trailer:


One thought on “Not so Obvious

  1. Great post–Black Swan is such an excellent example of an “indie” film.

    You can easily embed YouTube videos into your post, rather than just including a link. Check out my tutorial video (available in the “Tutorial” tab at the top of this page) to find out how!

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