Indie Isn’t Indiana Jones?

Hey guys,

I’m new to the whole blogging thing.  I’ve never followed or read a blog before so hopefully I don’t look like an idiot.  I’m also new to Indie culture.  When the word “Indie” was said around me years ago, I would picture in my head Indiana Jones movies and figured that is what it was associated with.  I ended up putting two and two together and found out I was wrong and have always been curious about Indie music and movies.

When I think of Indie, I think low-budget, no name actor type of films that are not mainstream films and not very publicized or popular.  I have personally thought of Indie movies as a highbrow genre that would lose my interest versus a blockbuster hit like Ironman 3 with the missiles and explosions everywhere.  However, finding that “Good Will Hunting” and “Pulp Fiction” are Indie movies.  I am a huge fan of Quentin Tarantino’s work.  He has moved more to mainstream, but Pulp Fiction was his big breakout movie to the scene.

I still have a tough time distinguishing indie from non-indie(Netflix is about the only way I know Indie).  Making movies is risky for independent producers is extremely risky because it is not as publicly exploited than blockbuster hits.  People now do not feel like getting out of their houses, especially in big cities, and want their media now.  Streaming has become a popular trend and DVDs a solid alternative.  The distribution of indie films has become even more difficult over the past years.

If you are not familiar with “Pulp Fiction”, here is a trailer:


2 thoughts on “Indie Isn’t Indiana Jones?

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