I have always heard the word indie and was usually caught off guard by the term because when I think of the word indie my mind immediately thinks of documentaries. One indie documentary that came to mind was the documentary movie known as Catfish. Catfish was a documentary movie that came out in 2010 about a young man name Nev who was involved in a cyber-romance with a woman named Megan. The show documented his journey in finding out who this mysterious woman was by contacting her and visiting where she lived. As the movie goes on Nev discovers that his online romance was in fact all a lie and the woman who he was having a relationship with was made up and someone entirely different. 

The movie Catfish caught my eye as an indie movie because it documents Nev’s journey and gives viewers an insight into the world of technology and discovering the meaning of cyber-romance. Some critics will say that the movie Catfish is pointless because the story line is a way too long build up of events that make you think the ending of the movie is going to be something spectacular when in fact its not.

Recently MTV has created a spin off from the movie and created a show version of Catfish. In the show Nev is contacted by a different person each time who is interested in findin out if the person they are in a cyber relationship with is real or fake. Through the use of the link, Hollywood Reporter, I was able to look up information about the show Catfish and learn that the show has become a viewers favorite. Through the indie movie Catfish that was known to few; a show version of Catfish was created and turned into a world wide phenomenon that was soon known by many. 

Here is a link to the trailer of the movie Catfish that sparked peoples interest-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1xp4M0IjzcQ



One thought on ““Catfishing”

  1. Nice post, Alex! We do often think of documentaries as “indie”–though, of course, fictional narrative films can also be indie!

    Don’t forget that you can easily embed YouTube videos into the post itself rather than just including a link. Check out my tutorial video (available at the “Tutorial” tab at the top of this page) to find out how!

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