Breaking the Language Barrier

I was born in a multicultural environment. Having only spanish music to listen to when I was young and having friends that listen to english music was really confusing at times. My parents were never the ones “in” with trends. They liked artist that were not too known to other people. My dad would listen to some spanish rock, not much. Yet, I still remember looking through his CD collection and getting my hands on an album from Cafe Tacuba. I was intrigued by the music and that was what sparked something in me.

I absolutely loved their music. They were the cause for me to get more into spanish rock music during my middle school years. I was able to get to some really strange corners in Spanish Indie, ranging from Nortec Collective to Amanditatatata but it was really fascinating.

Yet, at one point in my life I decided to break off from it and explore the “American” music culture. I was surprised with what America had to offer. Of course at first I was intrigued with what was on the radio, but later I got tired and wanted to see what else was out there.

It wasn’t until I got sirius XM ( it came with the dish package so I was really happy) that I was able to see the talents of other artists. Also living in a city like Austin, which is filled with Indie everything, I was able to expand my knowledge in music and was also able to meet some pretty cool people.


One thought on “Breaking the Language Barrier

  1. Great post, Marimar! Do you see the Spanish music you grew up listening to as “indie”? Why or why not?

    Next time, experiment with including links to relevant material in your posts–links to places where we can listen to some of the music you talk about here would have been great! You can find out how to easily embed links into your posts by checking out my tutorial video (use the “Tutorial” tab at the top of this page)! The video will also tell you how you can embed YouTube videos, in case there’s a video you want to include for us.

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