A Special Scare

I really like horror games.

But I really love indie horror games.

Indie media producers have the pleasure to create a text that they want- whether it appeals to a mass audience or not. It may never even try to reach a wide audience, or attempt to make a large profit. Aesthetics, theme, and functionality are up to the creators, who will stray from dominant ideology and popularity in order to make media for unique reasons.

Whether you find horror media to be part of highbrow or lowbrow culture, I believe the horror genre holds an overall advantage of influence when it is indie. An independent horror video game is probably not going to be well-known, easily found, and/or talked much about- therefore heightening the preemptive nervousness of playing it. The player has no idea what they’re getting into. The one motive for the game’s production could just be to try to scare the pants off as many people possible. The aesthetics can be intricately horrifying or simply eerie. The ending message/story doesn’t have to wrap up nicely like a Hollywood horror. It’s a special kind of scary!

Though as two of my previously favorite indie horror games become popular (Slender and the Amnesia series), I worry if future installments will hold the unexpected scares and surprises. If not, I’ll just have to dig deeper through the internet, maybe fund some more Indiegogo and Kickstarter campaigns, and find some new indie horror games to play!





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