Spontinaeity, the new kind of music

Spontinaeity, the new kind of music

When I first heard of Sigur Rós, I thought that maybe they (or he, as I thought they were a singular artist at the time) had some potential, but I wasn’t particularly interested in their music. I actually heard of them from a remix of their song, HoppÍpolla, by Chicane, which he (Chicane) renamed to PoppÍholla. I enjoyed Chicane’s remix more, but that was before I actually heard HoppÍpolla in Icelandic (its native tongue).

This article talks about Sigur Rós in more detail, focusing specifically on their spontaneity when they produce music. Apparently, when the members of Sigur Rós go into the studio to record, they just start playing; they have no game plan of any sort, it’s basically a recorded jam session. This has created a type of music which is odd at first, but if you look deeper into it, it’s actually quite beautiful. 

If you look at it from the standpoint that music is something that is orderly and clearly defined, yes this is very odd type of music. While you can have some musical measures that repeat themselves in a periodic way, or have time signatures that follow, there is still much room for moving in an unexpected direction. It jars your mind, and breaks you out of the rhythm, forcing you to pay attention to the music more. I, personally, am guilty of using music as a background white noise while I’m doing any kind of work. With this music, however it is almost impossible to listen to the song and do another task at the same time.

Granted, this article talks more about Sigur Rós’ creative process being spontaneous, but I do think that even if the final product ends up being spontaneous itself, it still has some merit. It’s telling the audience, “Hey! Look at me! I’m here!”, instead of being blatantly ignored.


One thought on “Spontinaeity, the new kind of music

  1. Interesting case study, Mason–nice analysis of what makes us view particular music/artists as “indie” or outside the mainstream. Remember that you can easily embed YouTube videos into your posts. Check out my tutorial video (available at the “Tutorial” tab at the top of the page) to learn how.

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